I have been fortunate to take my culinary journey around the globe. My most memorable experience was my time spent in Paris apprenticing for a well known restaurant on Saint Louis en L’Ile.

It was at this particular place that these simplest pleasures quickly became important in my life; the love for family, friends, the art of fine cuisine. Old world French wine, fresh cheese, the most delicious bread on earth, buttery, flaky croissants; chouquettes for breakfast, coffee from no other than La Maison Richard and of course the Macaron.( please remember that word.)  Lastly, the ever present freak of nature CHOCOLATE. ....Enough said!



Even though I am classically trained as a culinary chef, not a pastry chef, I discovered my true love of being in the kitchen in its purest form.  A clean apron. Sleeves rolled up. Some bench flour. The finest ingredients: butter, flour, sugar, eggs and milk. The freshest seasonal fruit. Cheese.  It was a blank canvas for creating the most delicious tarts for the dessert special of that particular day. Better yet, preparing the most decadent pastries ever known to mankind made better with chocolate… enough said.


I learned to never sweat the small stuff. The term “C’est pas grave” quickly was embedded in my French vocabulary. Anything is possible and nothing is impossible. My loving chefs, Jacques and Benjamin taught me to take it all in with laughter, yelling at times, with extra care, passion and pride for every plate prepared. Let me not forget my most favorite chef on this earth. My teaching chef. Chef X.  All these amazing chefs taught me the art of making a delicious tart. This quintessential French pastry is an art.


So this brings me to you today.  My mission, to bring you a taste of Paris. Mind you I am still and forever will be discovering Paris and will do my best to bring the finest of Paris every step of the way. For now, the Tart is my art. : )


May you find joy in every bite, may every morsel evoke the beauty and love of Paris I discovered, and may you continue with me on this journey.
I look forward to serving you delights.

From my culinary heart to your epicurean palate I wish you nothing but love.

La Vie en Rose.